Packaging Solutions


Packaging Solutions involve choosing the right type of packaging, making sure the product is secure inside is a critical component in building a brand. Anyone marketing to consumers understands that. The same holds true though for the commercial marketplace. Whether it’s a cosmetic product, or furniture, the packaging offers a huge opportunity to increase sales.

At International 3PL, our focus is on customers. Our services are directed towards the growth of their business.

We implement any strategy that will drive sales and profitability.

We are focused on customer services and are committed to deliver the best solutions.

Your packaging should never be considered a random part of the marketing mix. It should be regarded as a a key component. Packaging is as important as distribution, warehousing and even pick and pack services not to mention import services .

It incorporates all other elements of your sales and marketing strategies. Packaging is what maintains the freshness and quality of your product. Consequently, customers must choose the right packaging company.

Customers view the way the product is packaged as a sign of the product quality .

Our experience and vision provides for a measurable advantage over our competitors. We have developed a complete solution . No need to worry about the details.

We have a proactive approach in building efficient work flows so we can meet your delivery deadlines.

International 3PL can meet the Demand.

Packaging Solutions Should be part of Strategy

With a primary focus on consumer products, Performance Packaging Consulting combines strong technical skills with significant hands-on development experience to supply practical, actionable packaging solutions.

As The technology of packaging continues to evolve, we keep up with the advancements and help deliver the right solutions.

Because International 3PL is one of the best third party logistics providers we are able to delivery price competitive packaging solutions. we provide product packaging to several companies who sell consumer products.

We work with your vendors to make guarantee compliance and to make sure the follow of material is not interrupted. It might seem like some 3PL companies can handle your packaging needs, the truth is many 3PL Companies in Miami lack the knowledge and expertise.

Before you choose a TPL Company to handle your fulfillment needs, ask if the are able to offer packaging services.

In conclusion , product packaging is considered to be an important part of the order fulfillment services. That is why many companies contract our services to perform the packaging services.