Commercial Debt Recovery

We have been in the commercial & consumer debt collection industry for many years and that experience translates to higher recoveries for our clients.

Medical Debt Collection

We effectively collect on past due statements while ensuring that patients feel comfortable returning for medical care after responding due to our diplomatic third party intervention.

International Debt Collection

International debt collection and recovery can be one of the most complicated and costly tasks your business will face. Credit Counsel inc, is specialized in international debt recovery

Occupational Health Collections

This is a task that not all businesses are willing to do themselves due to the risk of jeopardizing the personal relationships they have formed with their customers, the legal liabilities and internal costs.

Credit Counsel Inc, is a professional Debt recovery Organization that offers services most of our competitors can not provide .We works hard to understand our clients and their industries. Each of our clients has specifically assigned staff working their accounts. They always have a single point of contact who knows them and their objectives. Our debt collection staff is well qualified and adheres to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism. Each collector handles a claim from the very first collection call to final coordination in a lawsuit, assuring continuity in approach and consistent communication.

Even profitable businesses can fail if cash flow is not managed properly. If you don't have enough money available to pay your lenders or suppliers, it may adversely affect your ability to run your business.

Our Services include: commercial Debt Recovery, Medical Debt Collection, Cash Flow Management and more

Our goal is to preserve the relationship between creditor and debtor and to achieve the highest possible return on each dollar placed.

We are accredited

Just Listen to our Customers

We have been amazed by the results Credit Counsel Inc delivered in no time.

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Credit Counsel Inc helped us collect on past due medical bills and help our customers

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Amazing and professional service. very professional approach

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Experienced and very courteous is how I describe Credit Counsel, Inc

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